One on One Basketball coaching

One on One Coaching

Fast track improvement

Improve your Goal shooting in Basketball

One on one coaching is probably one of the best way for children to improve their basketball skills. This could be that they lack the confidence to play in a team or they need extra help in some skill of their game.

Happy Hoops Basketball run a number of One on One skill sessions either in a 4 week block . This is to improve the child’s skill or ongoing to help build their confidence.  Happy Hoops basketball has run one on one coaching for all ages from 5 year old through to 16 years of age. Each child is treated  as  an individual and the training is tailored to the child’s needs and the agreed goals.

Some of the benefits of one on one are coaching time are:

  1. Social development.
  2. Skill development.
  3. Self confidence.
  4. Improved flexibility and coordination.
  5. Focused goal setting.


One on One skill development

Some children find that joining  a team can be a real challenge. This  can be a source of fear and affect their confidence. By having your child doing one on one coaching they will gain increased confidence.  When they join the team they will have the skills and also the self belief that they can  compete. This is why the personal and tailored approach of Happy Hoops is so successful.  It is important the children are treated as individuals with unique skills and needs.  Happy Hoops is about building their confidence and social skills .

Improve your basketball shooting

Just getting started

A lot of children who are interested in a sport but may just lack that self confidence. These children can significantly benefit from one on one coaching. Children benefit because the coach does a full assessment of their current skill and ability. Therefore they set achievable goals that are  measured and rewarded with a positive feedback.
One of the other areas that children can benefit from one on one coaching is  skill improvement. this can be  improvement in one particular area of the game eg. shooting. Establishing a proper technique is critical for success but also self confidence.  It is important the child will not be intimidated by children with better skills. Happy Hoops basketball continually measure the child’s development and adjust the program to suit. One thing that sets Happy Hoops aside  is getting to know the children personally. This is by interacting with the child on a very personal basis.  This is very important in gaining their participation and building a relationship with the coach.

To book a one on one training session please send an email to or  call our coach on 0425 198 773