Coaching the basketball coaches

Coaching the basketball coaches

Teach the coach

One of the most difficult things facing domestic basketball clubs is getting coaches.

Most coaches come from parents or players who want to learn to coach. Who coaches them?  One option is,  do a certificate course in coaching but most parents just want to coach their kids. Its hard enough giving up time for training and games without committing to ongoing education.

The result is that many young players are not getting the basics. This is because they are not being coached properly. Resulting in  when they get to the senior levels the bad habits or technique are set in stone.

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Whats the answer?

Happy Hoops coaches have been coaching for many years and have  hd a lot of experience at many age levels and experience levels. this insight has meant that a new course being offered by Happy Hoops is the Coach teh Coach.

We train the beginners coaches in;

  • Recognizing the skill level of your team
  • Conduct a basic skills test
  • Write a training plan
  • Basic  training drills
  • Keep it simple
  • During the game
  • What to teach.

What does the Happy Hoops “coach the coach” program consist of?

Getting involved with the new coach and their team is  the most important element to coaching the coach. This way we can evaluate their strengths and weaknesses and put together a personalized training program for the coach.

Simplicity is critical.

The first stage is to work with the coach on the first training night. The next stage is to come and work with them at the game. It is very important that any observations are made after the game. It is important to give the coaches the confidence and the tools in communicating and encouraging their players.

If you are a club president or coaches supervisor then Happy Hoops Basketball are more than happy to come and meet with some of your new coaches.

Book a meeting by emailing Happy Hoops at or our head coach on 0425 0425 198 773