After School Basketball clinics

Happy Hoops Basketball Introduce – After School Basketball clinics

A new look at after school care

Happy Hoops Basketball are happy to announce the new after school program. This involves running basketball clinics and coaching for a variety of primary age groups. This can be run as a stand alone program or as a part of your existing After School care program.
We find that by getting children involved in sporting activity that is inclusive and they can participate no matter what their skill level or ability is.

The Happy Hoops program is about getting children active and moving, giving the activities that will help their hand to eye coordination as well as giving some basic basket ball skills. Basketball  is a sport that all kids need is a ball and they can start practicing and playing.

If you would like to talk to us about getting Happy Hoops basketball in as part of your existing program please contact us via our inquiry form or you can call Laura on 0447 332 227.

Happy Hoops can come along to your school or company to discuss how we can partner with you in getting more sport into your after school program, using after school basketball clinics

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