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Happy Hoops Home Schools Basketball program

Positive and fun Sports program for Home School families

Basketball for Home Schooling families
sports clinics for home schooling
Home School sports for families

Customised Family basketball program for Home School families

Happy Hoops basketball are happy to introduce  our new program for Home Schooling families in Melbourne. Happy Hoops have been running a number of Basketball programs for all ages, from school programs, one on one coaching, school holiday programs for all ages.

Happy Hoops Basketball clinics are designed to get children active  and participate in sports while having fun in a positive environment. The program involves a skills analysis for each child to determine their ability and skills level, from there we will create a program that will suit the ages and skills of the children in that group.

Our coaches are all trained and certified, but most importantly are skilled in working with children, encouraging them and creating a positive supportive environment.

Basketball clinic for home school families in your area

Contact Happy Hoops to discover the possibility of Running a Basketball clinic for your Home School network

Family Basketball clinic

Happy Hoops Programs involve

  • Skill improvement
  • improve gross motor skills
  • improve hand to eye coordination
  • positive and fun environment
  • local sports facility
  • trained coaches
  • customised program

Contact us now to see how we can customise a Program for your Home School group

Email: office@happyhoopsbasketball.com.au or Phone 0425 198 773

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Children of all ages