Getting ready for playing in a team

Improve your Goal shooting in Basketball

Getting ready to play in a basketball competition

For any child of any age starting to play sport in a competitive environment can be quite threatening. Whether or not you are  under 8 or under 12 the first session is always the hardest.

Making the first shot or having the  confidence to compete is what most children fear.  Happy Hoops have found that by working with children “one on one” we can evaluate their skill level but most importantly give them the confidence to not only play competitively but very successfully.

We have had many children go through our programs and proceed to  play at a number of levels in Domestic basketball competitions

Dribbling Drills

The various skills that Happy Hoops focus on in the initial assessment are as follows

  • Hand to eye coordination
  • dribbling
  • passing
  • court awareness
  • dribbling under pressure
  • shooting
  • Self  Confidence

Personal Basketball Coaching

Happy Hoops coaches are specialized in one on one coaching. This involves a detailed analysis of the skill levels of the player and then establish the level required  to compete confidently.

We get to know the player as a person and all their ideas and fears about playing competitively. Our aim is to make them ready for their first game and work with them until they are confident to compete and excel in their team.

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