Getting ready for playing in a team

Improve your Goal shooting in Basketball

Getting ready to play in a basketball competition

For any child of any age starting to play sport in a competitive environment can be quite threatening. Whether or not you are  under 8 or under 12 the first session is always the hardest.

Making the first shot or having the  confidence to compete is what most children fear.  Happy Hoops have found that by working with children “one on one” we can evaluate their skill level but most importantly give them the confidence to not only play competitively but very successfully.

We have had many children go through our programs and proceed to  play at a number of levels in Domestic basketball competitions

Dribbling Drills

The various skills that Happy Hoops focus on in the initial assessment are as follows

  • Hand to eye coordination
  • dribbling
  • passing
  • court awareness
  • dribbling under pressure
  • shooting
  • Self  Confidence

Personal Basketball Coaching

Happy Hoops coaches are specialized in one on one coaching. This involves a detailed analysis of the skill levels of the player and then establish the level required  to compete confidently.

We get to know the player as a person and all their ideas and fears about playing competitively. Our aim is to make them ready for their first game and work with them until they are confident to compete and excel in their team.

Health Benefits of Basketball to Children

The following article is a really guide to how children can benefit from playing basketball. Enjoy reading it.
6 Health Benefits of Basketball for Children
March 1, 2014/0 Comments/in Exercise, Games, Health and Wellness, Parenting, Physical Therapy, Sports, Winter /by Judy Wang, PT, DPT
Ever wonder which team sport keeps boys and girls busy no matter their age, skill level, or the season? I recently had the opportunity to watch one of my clients play basketball with his middle school team, and it was so rewarding to see him transfer skills we worked on during physical therapy to the court. Basketball is a high-intensity, high-agility activity that teaches children coordination, concentration, and cooperation.

6 Health Benefits of Basketball:
Endurance: As with any high intensity sport, there are many cardiovascular benefits of basketball. Between bouts of running, jumping, dribbling, and bouts of rests, kids are participating in total body interval training without even realizing it. Interval training boosts aerobic capacity, energy levels, and metabolism, which in turn helps kids concentrate more in school.
Motor Control: The ability to control our limbs in space may come naturally, but being able to pass and shoot with precision during a basketball game takes special training and repetitive practice. Performing drills on and off the court with a basketball enables children to grade their muscle forces, control the position of their bodies in response to an opponent or a pass, and plan out successful movement sequences.
Ankle Stability: All the agility training, cutting back and forth, multidirectional running, pivoting, and turning within a basketball game are great ways to challenge our lower body muscles and joints, especially the structures surrounding our ankles. Organized basketball teaches kids safe and successful ways to block, pass, steal, jump, and run without hurting themselves or others. Ball sports such as basketball are great for reinforcing kids’ balance reactions and balance strategies and prevent future injury.
Balance/Coordination: As with most team sports, basketball requires upper body coordination, total body coordination, and hand-eye coordination. Dribbling, catching, passing, and making baskets require planning, precision, and quick reactions. Walking backwards, turning, or running while dribbling a ball and at the same time paying attention to other players is a challenging but interesting exercise for coordination and body awareness.
Agility: Basketball is a fast paced sport where athletes have to think fast on their feet and respond quickly to plays that could change momentum and direction at any minute. Young athletes are working on mental drills in addition to physical techniques. Basketball enhances children’s agility due to the swiftness needed to dodge other players and make aggressive plays.
Social Skills: The great thing about team sports is the level of discipline and communication needed for success at the games. Young athletes learn from an early age how to work in a team atmosphere, pay attention to others, and respond accordingly. An athlete needs discipline to attend practices and pay attention to the rules of any game. Team sports prepare children for necessary social interactions later in life. Through these sports, children understand shared responsibility, team work, how to deal with triumph and defeat, all of which are applicable throughout life.

Kids having fun and being encouraged

The main coaching philosophy of Happy Hoops Basketball is that children learn in a positive and encouraging environment. Everything we do is about offering positive reinforcement to the children, using positive actions and language.
Having children feeling good about themselves as well as supporting others is a powerful demonstration of a supporting environment can impact the lives of children as well as families.
The below video is one that we believe that all parents should watch as it is insightful and Happy Hoops support the Play by the Rules Sport initiative.

Basketball Health Benefits

health benefits of basketballHealth benefits of basketball

Happy Hoops basketball



Basketball can have many benefits  for ones health, from just training in the park to getting regular exercise. This article Health Benefits of Basketball produced by the Victorian State Government, Better Health Channel covers the flowing areas

  • Health Benefits of Basketball
  • Getting started with basketball
  • basketball and children
  • where to get help

Happy Hoops Basketball is committed to developing the health and well being of children by engaging them in basketball to improve, Motor skills, movement, hand to eye coordination, self confidence and team building.

Another great article is this one produced by Style Craze which lists the 10 benefits of playing basketball 10 Amazing health benefits of playing basketball

For further information on how Happy Hoops basketball can assist in improving your childrens health please fill in our inquiry form or call us on  0447-332-227 or email us on


School Holiday Basketball Clinics Diamond Creek

School Holiday Basketball Clinics

Happy Hoops Basketball School Holiday Clinics 22nd September 2016 Community Bank Centre Diamond Creek For children of ages from 7-12 we have an exciting new option for school children during the school holidays. That is Basketball based on skill but most importantly fun. The Happy Hoops Basketball difference is that we encourage a positive supportive environment where children will receive basketball skills but most importantly will experience friendship, teamwork, exercise and the opportunity to take part in team sports.
health benefits of basketball


22nd September Starting 10 am Registration from 9.30


Community Bank Centre Diamond Creek Main Hurstbridge Road Diamond Creek


Boys and Girls aged from 7-12 any skill level

How to book

Fill in inquiry form or book by sending inquiry to
Basketball clinic Craigieburn
Children of all ages

After School Basketball clinics

Happy Hoops Basketball Introduce – After School Basketball clinics

A new look at after school care

Happy Hoops Basketball are happy to announce the new after school program. This involves running basketball clinics and coaching for a variety of primary age groups. This can be run as a stand alone program or as a part of your existing After School care program.
We find that by getting children involved in sporting activity that is inclusive and they can participate no matter what their skill level or ability is.

The Happy Hoops program is about getting children active and moving, giving the activities that will help their hand to eye coordination as well as giving some basic basket ball skills. Basketball  is a sport that all kids need is a ball and they can start practicing and playing.

If you would like to talk to us about getting Happy Hoops basketball in as part of your existing program please contact us via our inquiry form or you can call Laura on 0447 332 227.

Happy Hoops can come along to your school or company to discuss how we can partner with you in getting more sport into your after school program, using after school basketball clinics