Coaching the basketball coaches

Coaching the basketball coaches

Teach the coach

One of the most difficult things facing domestic basketball clubs is getting coaches.

Most coaches come from parents or players who want to learn to coach. Who coaches them?  One option is,  do a certificate course in coaching but most parents just want to coach their kids. Its hard enough giving up time for training and games without committing to ongoing education.

The result is that many young players are not getting the basics. This is because they are not being coached properly. Resulting in  when they get to the senior levels the bad habits or technique are set in stone.

Learn how to play basketball
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Whats the answer?

Happy Hoops coaches have been coaching for many years and have  hd a lot of experience at many age levels and experience levels. this insight has meant that a new course being offered by Happy Hoops is the Coach teh Coach.

We train the beginners coaches in;

  • Recognizing the skill level of your team
  • Conduct a basic skills test
  • Write a training plan
  • Basic  training drills
  • Keep it simple
  • During the game
  • What to teach.

What does the Happy Hoops “coach the coach” program consist of?

Getting involved with the new coach and their team is  the most important element to coaching the coach. This way we can evaluate their strengths and weaknesses and put together a personalized training program for the coach.

Simplicity is critical.

The first stage is to work with the coach on the first training night. The next stage is to come and work with them at the game. It is very important that any observations are made after the game. It is important to give the coaches the confidence and the tools in communicating and encouraging their players.

If you are a club president or coaches supervisor then Happy Hoops Basketball are more than happy to come and meet with some of your new coaches.

Book a meeting by emailing Happy Hoops at or our head coach on 0425 0425 198 773

One on One Basketball coaching

One on One Coaching

Fast track improvement

Improve your Goal shooting in Basketball

One on one coaching is probably one of the best way for children to improve their basketball skills. This could be that they lack the confidence to play in a team or they need extra help in some skill of their game.

Happy Hoops Basketball run a number of One on One skill sessions either in a 4 week block . This is to improve the child’s skill or ongoing to help build their confidence.  Happy Hoops basketball has run one on one coaching for all ages from 5 year old through to 16 years of age. Each child is treated  as  an individual and the training is tailored to the child’s needs and the agreed goals.

Some of the benefits of one on one are coaching time are:

  1. Social development.
  2. Skill development.
  3. Self confidence.
  4. Improved flexibility and coordination.
  5. Focused goal setting.


One on One skill development

Some children find that joining  a team can be a real challenge. This  can be a source of fear and affect their confidence. By having your child doing one on one coaching they will gain increased confidence.  When they join the team they will have the skills and also the self belief that they can  compete. This is why the personal and tailored approach of Happy Hoops is so successful.  It is important the children are treated as individuals with unique skills and needs.  Happy Hoops is about building their confidence and social skills .

Improve your basketball shooting

Just getting started

A lot of children who are interested in a sport but may just lack that self confidence. These children can significantly benefit from one on one coaching. Children benefit because the coach does a full assessment of their current skill and ability. Therefore they set achievable goals that are  measured and rewarded with a positive feedback.
One of the other areas that children can benefit from one on one coaching is  skill improvement. this can be  improvement in one particular area of the game eg. shooting. Establishing a proper technique is critical for success but also self confidence.  It is important the child will not be intimidated by children with better skills. Happy Hoops basketball continually measure the child’s development and adjust the program to suit. One thing that sets Happy Hoops aside  is getting to know the children personally. This is by interacting with the child on a very personal basis.  This is very important in gaining their participation and building a relationship with the coach.

To book a one on one training session please send an email to or  call our coach on 0425 198 773

Sport for Home Schooling

Basketball for Home Schooling families

Home schooling is a  very important part of the education community in Victoria and sport should be an integral part of a child’s education. One of the difficulties that some Home schooling families face is the fact that they are isolated and even though they may be part of a Home schooling network, it is not always possible to integrate sport into the curriculum.

Happy Hoops basketball offer a tailored made program for Home schooling families which involves getting a number of local based families together  at a local stadium and running basketball clinics and coaching. This can be  as general training for fitness and movement or  more specific skills based  training.

If you have a network of families and would like to have coach speak to you about the possibility of  running a few training sessions please email us at


School Holiday Basketball Clinics Diamond Creek

School Holiday Basketball Clinics

Happy Hoops Basketball School Holiday Clinics 22nd September 2016 Community Bank Centre Diamond Creek For children of ages from 7-12 we have an exciting new option for school children during the school holidays. That is Basketball based on skill but most importantly fun. The Happy Hoops Basketball difference is that we encourage a positive supportive environment where children will receive basketball skills but most importantly will experience friendship, teamwork, exercise and the opportunity to take part in team sports.
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22nd September Starting 10 am Registration from 9.30


Community Bank Centre Diamond Creek Main Hurstbridge Road Diamond Creek


Boys and Girls aged from 7-12 any skill level

How to book

Fill in inquiry form or book by sending inquiry to
Basketball clinic Craigieburn
Children of all ages

Basketball promotes teamwork

Happy HoopsBasketball promotes teamwork through participation

While recently running a series of coaching sessions at a primary school in Melbourne we were really encouraged at the way that the kids started to support each other. An example was some grade 3 and 4 girls at first thought it was not cool to  participate but after two sessions they would come back and then help the little kids.

All skills levels welcome

One of the most challenging things when running a clinic with children of different abilities is that the children who can play start to dominate. The net result of this initially was that younger less skilled children felt threatened or that they could not do it. Our senior coach Laura ran several drills  and games that involved Custom designed trainingall the children, these games meant that all the kids could participate and encourage each other. After a few  weeks we observed that the experienced children improved in their skill but also were able to be more cooperative with those of lesser experience, this produced a real environment of encouragement.  For the children who were new to basketball it gave them the confidence of seeing that they can all work together and showed them that all children can play no matter their level of experience. One of the cornerstones of Happy Hoops Basketball that that Basketball promotes teamwork and this underwrites all of our clinics or programs.

Getting us involved

If you are involved in Primary school teaching or sporting activities and would like to see how Basketball promotes teamwork, please send us an email at or fill in our inquiry form.

Our Senior Coach Laura can come along to your school and do a quick introduction of the benefits of  Basketball the Happy Hoops way.

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