Basketball promotes teamwork

Happy HoopsBasketball promotes teamwork through participation

While recently running a series of coaching sessions at a primary school in Melbourne we were really encouraged at the way that the kids started to support each other. An example was some grade 3 and 4 girls at first thought it was not cool to  participate but after two sessions they would come back and then help the little kids.

All skills levels welcome

One of the most challenging things when running a clinic with children of different abilities is that the children who can play start to dominate. The net result of this initially was that younger less skilled children felt threatened or that they could not do it. Our senior coach Laura ran several drills  and games that involved Custom designed trainingall the children, these games meant that all the kids could participate and encourage each other. After a few  weeks we observed that the experienced children improved in their skill but also were able to be more cooperative with those of lesser experience, this produced a real environment of encouragement.  For the children who were new to basketball it gave them the confidence of seeing that they can all work together and showed them that all children can play no matter their level of experience. One of the cornerstones of Happy Hoops Basketball that that Basketball promotes teamwork and this underwrites all of our clinics or programs.

Getting us involved

If you are involved in Primary school teaching or sporting activities and would like to see how Basketball promotes teamwork, please send us an email at or fill in our inquiry form.

Our Senior Coach Laura can come along to your school and do a quick introduction of the benefits of  Basketball the Happy Hoops way.

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