Basketball Health Benefits

health benefits of basketballHealth benefits of basketball

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Basketball can have many benefits  for ones health, from just training in the park to getting regular exercise. This article Health Benefits of Basketball produced by the Victorian State Government, Better Health Channel covers the flowing areas

  • Health Benefits of Basketball
  • Getting started with basketball
  • basketball and children
  • where to get help

Happy Hoops Basketball is committed to developing the health and well being of children by engaging them in basketball to improve, Motor skills, movement, hand to eye coordination, self confidence and team building.

Another great article is this one produced by Style Craze which lists the 10 benefits of playing basketball 10 Amazing health benefits of playing basketball

For further information on how Happy Hoops basketball can assist in improving your childrens health please fill in our inquiry form or call us on  0447-332-227 or email us on


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